MOS Architects - Element house, the prototype of a prefabricated, modular dwelling that can be implemented “off the grid” in any location, and has an outgrowth logic based on the Fibonacci sequence. This first prototype is nearing completion adjacent to Charles Ross’ “Star Axis" in Anton Chico, NM. 



David Rockwell—an architect best known for theaters, grand restaurant interiors, and posh hotels—is getting into the prefab game.

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Creator of Burt’s Bees Lives in a Tiny House… Did You Know?


Creator of Burt’s Bees Lives in a Tiny House… Did You Know?

I just had to show you this documentary preview of Burt’s Buzz which is a movie about Burt’s Bees and its creator who happens to love living simply and in tiny houses.

You can see it for yourself below and if you found it inspiring and a little bit surprising be sure to re-share this post with your friends because they might enjoy it too.

Creator of Burt’s Bees Lives Simply in Tiny House

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That is a beautiful tiny home.